Ira P

Our home was recently burglarized and the thieves tracked in dog poop on our carpet. After cleaning it up we thought it would be a good time to actually have a professional steam clean our whole house.

I rarely (if ever) take a chance on a company with little to no reviews on Yelp, but I saw their advertisement on here so I figured I’d check out their website. Turns out they are family owned and have been around for many years. When I called, the phone etiquette was friendly and professional. Chris, the owner, was able to give me a quote over the phone, which they do using square footage instead of per room. I thought it was a decent price and I appreciated him telling me about their $50 off coupon on their website.

They were on time on the day of service, did a great job and it left no strong scent. Just FYI, they don’t use any toxic, harsh chemicals in their steam cleaning and there is no after scent.

Kent, WA